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I think part of the problem with soaps in general is the way they treat legal and medical issues. The audience is much more educated about things like that than they used to be, thanks to prime time procedurals like the Law and Orders and CSIs and medical shows like ER and Grey's Anatomy. If soaps want to be taken more seriously, they should try to do a better job with courtroom scenes like we had yesterday, rather than making a joke of it and insulting the intelligence of the viewer. Yes, I know it's a soap and I have to make allowances because of that, but it's still irritating and distracting to see the legal system portrayed as such a travesty. Bo not sworn in and able to say whatever he wanted about Nicole, all of which were allegations since she hadn't been convicted of any of the crimes he mentioned...EJ not being able to even speak...the DA ignoring rules of evidence...it was ridiculous.
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