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I guess we will just have to agree to disagree about the hearing.

All I know is I have a relative who is a lawyer and I've heard alot worse. I've also known people who have been treated in a way that they shouldn't be. Yes, there are ethics and rules but they are not followed all the time. Hell, I believe my niece, who is in college right now for law, once brought something home that said over 70% of all legal proceedings do not go by the book anymore. That is why I pointed out none of us our legal experts and none of us have documentation nor have we been in every single courtroom in this country during a hearing. Unfortunately, I've been witness to incompetency and have seen worse things in the medical field and in the legal field then I have on Days and that is why I think some are expecting far too much and would be surprised how what is being seen on Days isn't exactly something that wouldn't happen. I'm not saying everything we've seen would but it is possible and I think some are making the legal and medical fields out to be perfect and always going by the book. Maybe they used to but they don't anymore. Hell, most times they don't. And let's not even get started on corruption, which I think was the point here. The Judge turned on the Dimera's and the writers had EJ acknowledge how the whole hearing was a mockery and very unorthodox. The judge had an ax to grind and, as I said, I think it worked well for the story because the mayor, who was in the Dimera's pocket, was killed and I think the judge saw this as a chance to break away. I think this ties in with Abe being mayor and how things will change It's setting the stage for that story and the Dimera's fighting like hell to maintain power in Salem. Maybe that, among the other reasons I mentioned, is why I had no issue with the hearing. It helped story and, as I said, I've heard and seen worse. At least they bothered to show a hearing. I think the most important justification is it's just a TV show. Even specialized shows like Law and Order and ER get it wrong once and awhile.

Oh, and in regards to the way Days handles medical issues, they've been doing a much better job in recent times of that. They did a good job in 2003-2003 with Chloe's leukemia and Bo's illness and so much of the medical stuff this year has been treated very well. They've even used medical jargon that Days never used to use.

Clearly, I'm in the minority though so I will back off LOL.
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