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So is Nick psycho obsessive with Melanie and stalking her, or is he playing her? Or does he really like her?
Does Melanie not get a creepy feeling about Nick? Just a little? I am feeling something weird about this story. Not getting where they are going with it.

I love me some Stefano/EJ scenes...and for a second there, I felt the Dimera rage return a bit, but alas, nothing came of it. Chuckled a little when EJ mentioned that Nicole is being accused of taking a human life...um EJ...aside from your family history, do you remember what you were doing a few years ago? That kind of thing shouldn't surprise you or freak you out. Glad he went to help Nicole because if I had to hear her whine anymore, I would have gone crazy!
Loved that EJ hit the guard's hand and said don't touch. Don't know why but that made me laugh. Great ad lib.

I do like me some Phillip/Stephanie and feel me some chemistry. I hope those two get a bit cozy, and I am still trying to force myself to beleive that Philly is okay hanging out with the younger group, even if Chelsea is his sister, er, grandsister? What is their relation again?

Pretty good show!
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