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I really loved Tuesday. Great suspensefull show. I think mr. Reilly would be proud today because the show definitely had classic Reilly feeling and I donīt mean the horrible second stint.

First, the Melanie/Nick stuff. I thought it was perfect, the music, MB and BBīs acting, the growing feeling something is terribly wrong with him. Melanie seems to be a little scared too, still, Nick is her only chance to have some money so she just tries to ignore it. The best thing was the fantasy at the end, so over top and so funny. Nick is spiralling out of control and I canīt wait for the next episode. Really chilling, thriling stuff even if I already know where it goes. I can imagine spoiler free people are really sitting on the edge of their seats now.

Stephanie/Phillip. Now this is pairing which I think could get really big. I liked Morgan, but the truth is JKJ never seemed to really click with KR and some of their scenes felt forced. And the writers really screwed the falling in love part which should be the best. With Steph/Phillip you can almost see JKJ and SH being all giddy they are finally working together. Steph was so funny today and I love how innocent all her scenes with Phillip are even if the sexual tension is clearly there. Steph also seems to be much more herself and relaxed, with Max she was usually very uptight.

Stephanie/Max. After today Iīm almost sure they are really over. Itīs not just Melanie keeping them apart now, itīs the whole baggage of annoying things which has been always there but both Max and Steph were too in love to really make it an issue. Now, when the love is slowly fading away, they are starting to digging them out and use againt each other.

EJ/Stefano/Nicol. I think the writers are watching all the prison movies to see what most horrible could happen to Nicole there. Itīs totally unrealistic and over top but I really donīt care as long as its entertaining and AZ is great at comedy. It was not totally shallow either because we again saw how sorry and ashamed Nicol is for part of her past. Stefano was really at the top of his game today and I like his obsession with grandchildren and family. I think itīs much more realistical than if he was still obsessed with Marlena or worse, the vendetta.

Lexie/Abe. Liked the foreshadowing with Stephanoīs call and Lexie being very unsure at the end. Soon or later she will have to choose between Abe and her DiMera roots and it will not be easy.

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