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Nov 4 2008, 03:13 PM
Philip is Chelsea's uncle on both sides. He is Bo's brother and Billie's brother. Blame the whacky Salem family tree for that one! LOL!

I don't know why, but I feel that Philip is completely out of place at the Cheatin' Heart. He's more of Chez Rouge, Penthouse Grille type of guy and when I see him at this dive bar, it's not really believable to me. And I wish they would take him out of the younger group. He just looks weird with them I think.
Then she should really call him "Uncle Phil" (funny nod to the Fresh Prince). I mean, they walked in with his arm around her and seemed really comfy with each other buying each other drinks...and it started making me wonder how they were related because they were cute together. I did love Phil with Stephanie though. Steph was cute, and I just look forward to their romance if that is where they are going. I think they will fight great too! Steph reimerged today in her fighting with Max. She could take Phil on.

And I didn't feel like Phil fit in the Cheating Heart either. They could either dress him down in jeans and a tshirt and totally ruin the Kiriakis look and attitude, or they can keep him in dress shirts and make him look like he doesn't fit in there.

And my lovable Nick is turning to the dark side...while I don't find it believable to be happening so quickly (the only person I know who is addicted to pain killers comes off as confused and stoned sometimes, not very devious or smart) but Blake is rocking the creepy stuff. Great material for him and shows his range.
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