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Nov 4 2008, 11:55 PM
They only went with the Nicole pregnancy because of AS's pregnancy. Just because Nicole exhibited symptoms prior to Sami doesn't mean they were planning Nicole's pregnancy and not Sami's. The show was clearly going in the direction of having some big drama with baby Allie but had to dump it because of the pregnancy. At that point they started with Nicole's pregnancy symptoms. Nicole being pregnant was one of the ways they have chosen to keep EJ and Sami apart along with WP.

Also, one of the reasons that they probably had to wait so long to write in Sami's pregnancy was to ensure that AS was safely past her first trimester.
I disagree.

Nicole slept with EJ in July and, watching soaps as long as I have, usually it's around 3 months when the woman begins to have symptoms and learns she is pregnant. Nicole hit the 3 month mark and followed that pattern. The hints of her pregnancy began even before new co-EP Gary Tomlin was being credited so they were even going there under Ed Scott.

Now, two episodes in to Tomlin's run, the show all of a sudden stopped hiding Ali's stomach during Stefano's cocktail party. They had until that point but stopped. Then, two weeks later, her stomach continues to no longer be hidden and she has scenes with EJ addressing her weight and she proceeds to faint and learn she is pregnant. Very sudden and out of nowhere. There is no story purpose behind her pregnancy, unlike Nicole's. Sami already has a Dimera baby. Again, it's forced and suggests it was only done because Ali pushed it and they felt they had to agree. I think the Allie thing was dropped because it was all Ed Scott and Dena and co wanted no part of it, I'm glad they dropped it.

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