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Well, fuck I don't like Melanie..so I really don't feel anything for her. I'm just glad Blake is getting some meaty material to latch onto...I definitely believe he is in some kind of druggie trance and add that with maybe some mental illness...but hell with the way people have treated Nick in Salem, I think he's allow to crack up every once in a while.

here is some great observation from TWOP:

Then has his alter taken over entirely? Because right now I see nothing remotely resembling the real Nick. I see this really evil person pretending to be the real Nick. Maybe Nick's split is the dominant personality which is highly likely if the split took place after he killed Trent and therefore the original personality is "hiding". This is going to be a strange comparison, but there's this video game that my brother and I loved about 10 years ago called "Xenogears" and by the end of the story it was revealed that the main character suffered from MPD and was, in fact, the villain of the story as well as the hero. It's been a while since I played it, but as I recall that character split into three - the "coward" personality was the original one but because of a traumatic event in his life, he split into "the destroyer" and then the main character the player controlled. Now, to make the comparison to Nick, perhaps Nick's main personality could be considered the "coward" meaning that the traumatic event (i.e: killing Trent) caused that personality to go into hiding and to hide, in essence, behind "the destroyer" personality or the personality we see right now; perhaps as a means to be more in control and powerful. As the dominant personality, "the destroyer" would be privy to all of Nick's memories and relations whereas the real Nick wouldn't be privy to anything "the destroyer" does. Didn't Days do something like this with Kimberly? I seem to recall one of her splits killing someone but the real Kimberly not knowing about it. Most likely, though, they'll go with the tride and true "My medication made me do it!".
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