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Nov 5 2008, 08:34 PM
To me it wasn't sudden since the show has known Ali was pregnant since June and as I pointed out they were waiting for her to safely get past her first trimester. Nicole found out she was pregnant before Sami because of the direction they wanted to take the story which was for Sami to hide her pregnancy from EJ as long as possible and Nicole finding out first gives Sami that excuse. And if Nicole loses the baby as many are predicting...then what was the purpose?
To develop the character further, to give Ej/Nicole a fair chance, to make Nicole more likable to those who don't like her, etc.

There are many purposes for it.

The fact that Ali knew since June and the show did nothing about it until late September is what convinces me it wasn't their plan. They would've threw out hints before that, probably around the same time as Nicole's hints. Afterall, Sami did sleep with EJ in mid-May. They didn't and it was said that Ali was angry that Dena refused to meet with her. My theory is that Ali wanting to be pregnant onscreen was known by everyone and Dena and co did not want to do it and Ali had a fit. Eventually, they gave in because she has alot of clout.

There is no reason for Sami to be pregnant. None. She has a child with EJ already so she has a hold on him and they both still love each other. Since she has a child with him, she already has a Dimera/Brady baby. Now she is in witness protection and the baby serves no purpose in that. That is what I mean. She was made pregnant just to make her pregnant and make Ali happy. Whereas Nicole's pregnancy feels like a a real story, Sami's is more or less just something tossed in like an accessory.
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