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Nov 5 2008, 11:14 PM
If the show is so hot and horny for Max/DB why do they not cast a love interest for him? They have an overkill of guys on the show. Bring in someone unrelated to him. Seriously I'm sick of the UF. And Chex have been completely platonic forever now without the least bit of "heat" between them. How does RM explain that (since she said as much about Chick)?
Excellent points. Chelsea and Max are related just as much as Max and Stephanie are.

Dena has no grasp of how to write committed couples. The "together" couples on the show (Bo/Hope, Steve/Kayla) are barely shown, and everyone else seems fair game to play musical lovers. I think Dena reads the message boards and then thinks she'll "shake things up" by ignoring what she reads and instead re-matching everyone. What she fails to realize is that viewers like to see real romance, and then some follow-up to that - the couple staying together for a while! Not random love scene with whoever happens to be working that day anyway. This is just like "elevator sex", and if that's Dena's MO, then she's just going to keep alienating viewers as she destroys each character and couple one by one.
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