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I get what you are saying Phoenix, that they are testing the waters and not really jumping full steam ahead with any pairing. It's not a bad idea but you don't do it with every character all at once. You pick maybe a couple and try them out here and there slowly. I hate to point these people out because it can bring up a can of worms with Ejole fans and Date fans (myself included) but Dan/Nicole worked in the extent they were singled out for that week and there scenes came maybe two for the week and that was it. Then they went back to their stories.

But now we have everyone mixing it up. All together. It's confusing, distracting and the worst part is making it unclear for anyone to understand what THE HELL IS GOING on.

Now I do think Chelsea going back to Max is a regression, we are 100% on that. My hope (which I don't need to get my hopes raised) is RM is pushing for Chex because she (for some reason) is dead set against Chick to happen. DB did hem and haw about Chex and it was Fairman who kept going on and on (why he is bringing them up I don't know, maybe this is coming after his interview with RM). But it's a stupid move.
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