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Nov 6 2008, 01:05 AM
I get what you are saying Phoenix, that they are testing the waters and not really jumping full steam ahead with any pairing. It's not a bad idea but you don't do it with every character all at once. You pick maybe a couple and try them out here and there slowly. I hate to point these people out because it can bring up a can of worms with Ejole fans and Date fans (myself included) but Dan/Nicole worked in the extent they were singled out for that week and there scenes came maybe two for the week and that was it. Then they went back to their stories.

But now we have everyone mixing it up. All together. It's confusing, distracting and the worst part is making it unclear for anyone to understand what THE HELL IS GOING on.

Now I do think Chelsea going back to Max is a regression, we are 100% on that. My hope (which I don't need to get my hopes raised) is RM is pushing for Chex because she (for some reason) is dead set against Chick to happen. DB did hem and haw about Chex and it was Fairman who kept going on and on (why he is bringing them up I don't know, maybe this is coming after his interview with RM). But it's a stupid move.
They aren't mixing up everybody though (even in the spring/summer it was only a select group) and, really, they have to with the people they are doing it with because they have to come up with the right combination. That is how you discover something that works. That is why they were so stupid to get rid of Morgan. They could've just put her back with Max and then you could have a Philip/Stephanie/Max/Morgan quad. That would've worked. Instead, they fire her. That would've solidified the young set. You would have that quad and Chelsea/Nick/Melanie.

I think the problem is the show listens to the boards and fans but there are just so many camps to listen to. You have groups that want Chan, Date, Chick, Mick, Chex, Stax, Stephanie/Philip, Dan/Chloe, Chloe/Philip, Chloe/Brady, Chloe/Lucas, Lucas/Sami, Sami./EJ, etc. The show doesn't help by playing all these couples off each other but still it doesn't help when you have so many groups to listen to. Ultimately, the show needs to focus on the best chemistry and what provides the best story. To me, Philip and Stephanie dis one so go there. I think they will go there.

They aren't doing what happened in late spring and summer. You could tell there was issues behind the scenes because things were all over the place. Even when they test the waters now, they make it more natural. It's not like Chloe suddenly wanting to be Lucas's friend. It's not forced now. Even that Nicole/Daniel scene you spoke of was a natural interaction at a bar. They know each other through the dinner party at Victor's in April and it's natural for them to talk if they see each other. There is just a big difference between then and what is happening now and that is why I think Higley needs to be judged on before June and after August because that is truly her work, without a doubt.

The thing is...we aren't expected to understand what is going on. Not yet. Not until they decide on what works and go there. If the audience is still confused once it becomes clear the show is committed to Philip/Stephanie or whatever, then there is a problem. Right now, they are more or less working on building stories and I applaud them because they are taking the right approaches if they are going to go with Chloe/Daniel, Philip/Stephanie, etc. There is nothing forced about them.

I must have misunderstood because I didn't think RM was pushing Chex either. I thought she saw both going back to Nick or Max as a regression. Rachel seemed so uninterested in the interview it was hard to read for me. I think she's still pissed about Chan ending but she's entitled to her opinion. Chex would be a major regression IMO though. DB did seem not too keen on the idea of Chex though.
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