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Nov 6 2008, 01:20 AM
Nov 6 2008, 12:47 AM
First, I have to say this and not because I'm trying to spin but because it's the truth. I see so many associating Dena with nothing but random pairings and that is not her fault. Her pairings were all worked out until the behind the scenes battle with Ed Scott. Dena was going in the direction of a Lucas/Sami/EJ/Nicole quad, Philip/Morgan, etc. She picked directions. When Ed interfered, that is when things began to be forced with no development (Lucas/Chloe being an example, among other things).
I completely disagree, but I guess one way to see who's right is to see if the random pairings go away now. (Right?) Because according to your theory, since Ed Scott is no longer there, Higley's romantic pairings will stabilize and become more consistent.

Speaking of not being interested, can Thaoo be anymore obvious about his displeasure? Between his posts on his site, his body language and responses in this video, and his body language in his final scene today...wow. You can tell he is just pissed LOL. LeAnn was cavalier about it and she seemed aftaid to let Thaoo talk out of fear he would say something bad. Same goes for SN and MBE. MBE was like LeAnn and SN seemed like Thaoo. Can't say I blame them though.
I hadn't watched today's show yet, but I just watched the last scene to see what you were talking about. You don't think he was acting there? Like maybe Tony has a reason to be upset about Abe's winning? I don't disagree that Thaao seems upset about the show, but I'm not sure I'd go so far as to say that that's coming through in his performance.
Right. Let's say Dena decides to go with Chloe/Daniel and Philip/Stephanie and we see their romances build in December and January. Then, all of a sudden, in February, the show decides (and this is hypothetical) to pair Stephanie with Nick and Philip with Sami and Daniel with Lexie and so on (again, being extreme but trying to make a point). THAT would be a problem and then I would start my own bashing because that would suggest to me that Dena and co have no clue. Right now, things need to be stabilized. It doesn't help that Galen and Eric were brought on and that Nadia and Bryan (who seemed to be out a month or so ago) had to be repositioned into story. All those kinks had to be worked out along with Ali's maternity leave and contract guarantees and so on. I think the show will keep improving and, much like last year, around the holidays, we will see a much tighter show and more vets and things clicking on all cylinders. Maybe I'm being way too optimistic but I do think the show will go back to being balanced and that it will have directions in all it's stories and couplings at least by that point.

I do think he was acting, Ellie, to a point. Like when he started clapping with a concerned look on his face. However, a few seconds before that, he was leaning on the bar and he just had this scowl on his face and he just kind of sighed. I'm not even sure he was aware the camera was on him. He just seemed to be showing his upset there and it didn't come off as acting for me because there was nothing to play off of yet.
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