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Yeah, I always saw Nick as a strong character, and one that stood out in a crowd. Now he's just so commonplace. I definitely think there was that "geek" side of Hogan that infused romances like Nick/Chelsea (and Adam/Abigail on ATWT) with a spark of life that his successors either never understood, or just didn't find romantic or attractive. Which is fine - not saying they have to. It's their show and they can do what they want. But I've noticed it at both shows now. (And I'm curious to see if Noah/Eden ends up taking that route as well now that he's on Y&R)

And Tim, I hate to be the lone dissenter on this, but just because the actors say to the press "This is the best writing I've ever had", it doesn't mean much, whether it's SOD, SOW, or Michael Fairman. They said it under Reilly: Part Deux, they said it under Hogan, they said it under Dena/Ed, and they're saying it now. It's like all the actors saying to the press during Higley-Gate "We had no idea what was going on, but yeah, I guess it's a little tense". Really? It's called keeping their heads down low and not saying anything to rock the boat. Especially with all of their jobs on the line, and the fate of the show still in the air. NOBODY is going to say "I don't like the material they're giving me" at this point in time, ESPECIALLY not to the press.
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