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Nov 6 2008, 02:38 PM
Nov 6 2008, 01:35 AM
I do agree with that. It does make him pathetic but when has Nick been a strong character? He never was to me. The way he chased after Chelsea in 2007 at times was pathetic. The way he got blackmailed by Kate and Willow (he did turn the tables on Kate though), got used by Jeremy, stood in the background during the entire rape story, etc. I mean, it's not like this guy was Bo Brady running all over Salem saving lives, letting people have it, and so on. I think he's in character for the most part and think between Chelsea dumping him and everything else...he was just in a vulnerable state.
Nick was a very strong character. Think about it. He was the one person that really turned Chelsea around, made her see what a selfish and bratty bitch she was being towards everyone. When no one else could get through to Chelsea, Nick was able to. That's a strong person there. He also did the same for Willow. She started regretting some of the things she did because Nick told her how it was and didn't take her shit at first. Granted, he got mixed up with a lot of bad things concerning Willow, and Chelsea, but he wasn't opposed to telling them how it was.

As for the Jeremy stuff, I tend to ignore that because none of the characters were acting in character during the Touch the Sky storyline, not Chelsea, not Stephanie, not Max, and not Nick. And in regards to the rape storyline, Nick wanted to be there for Chelsea. He tried to be there for Chelsea, but she kept it the truth from him for most of the part. But he was there right by her side before Ford died, sneaking into Ford's room with Chelsea and taking all of those pictures of Ford's dorm room in hopes that it would make him look guilty of the rapes. He was there and was willing to do it all.

He's never came off as pathetic to me until now with Melanie. The way he needs Melanie. Give me a break! Had this been Chelsea in this position, okay, I could understand his reasoning and I could understand his actions because he needs to be with her. But Melanie? That's pathetic. He's known her for only a couple months and it's ridiculous to think that he's this obsessed with her.
But Nick was always obsessed with bad sexy girls. Itīs his weakness. And he never was the honest and stright guy who would just go to the girl and ask her out. He knows and/or believes he would never win that way. He fell in love with Chelsea when she was almost a prostitute, trying to seduce much older guy who dated her mum and he was able to create this whole complicated and elaborate scheme how to get close to her.

And Melanie? He was totally into her months before Max even knew she is his sister. He was watching her personal blog, studying and having all the kinds of fantasizes about a young girl from France he had never chance to meet in person. Nick is no Max and/or Phillip. He is no womanizer. He is an insecure geek with a brain of genius who has a tendency to scheme and lie when it comes to women. So I think this stuff is very in character for him.

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