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Nov 6 2008, 02:38 PM
Nov 6 2008, 01:35 AM
I do agree with that. It does make him pathetic but when has Nick been a strong character? He never was to me. The way he chased after Chelsea in 2007 at times was pathetic. The way he got blackmailed by Kate and Willow (he did turn the tables on Kate though), got used by Jeremy, stood in the background during the entire rape story, etc. I mean, it's not like this guy was Bo Brady running all over Salem saving lives, letting people have it, and so on. I think he's in character for the most part and think between Chelsea dumping him and everything else...he was just in a vulnerable state.
Nick was a very strong character. Think about it. He was the one person that really turned Chelsea around, made her see what a selfish and bratty bitch she was being towards everyone. When no one else could get through to Chelsea, Nick was able to. That's a strong person there. He also did the same for Willow. She started regretting some of the things she did because Nick told her how it was and didn't take her shit at first. Granted, he got mixed up with a lot of bad things concerning Willow, and Chelsea, but he wasn't opposed to telling them how it was.

As for the Jeremy stuff, I tend to ignore that because none of the characters were acting in character during the Touch the Sky storyline, not Chelsea, not Stephanie, not Max, and not Nick. And in regards to the rape storyline, Nick wanted to be there for Chelsea. He tried to be there for Chelsea, but she kept it the truth from him for most of the part. But he was there right by her side before Ford died, sneaking into Ford's room with Chelsea and taking all of those pictures of Ford's dorm room in hopes that it would make him look guilty of the rapes. He was there and was willing to do it all.

He's never came off as pathetic to me until now with Melanie. The way he needs Melanie. Give me a break! Had this been Chelsea in this position, okay, I could understand his reasoning and I could understand his actions because he needs to be with her. But Melanie? That's pathetic. He's known her for only a couple months and it's ridiculous to think that he's this obsessed with her.
Let me explain why I disagree.

First off, look at how Nick let Chelsea hold his sleeping with Billie over his head for so long, much like she just did with Chelsea and Danil only Kate put a stop to that quick. I can understand him taking it from her initially but for MONTHS he sat back and took it and he had no right to. He wasn't with Chelsea when he slept with Billie, just like Chelsea wasn't with Daniel. Yet, Nick let Chelsea hold that over him and she used that to manipulate him. Remember the hair brush fiasco? She used what he put her through and put on the charm to use him and manipulate him into getting rid of the brush. He was her doormat.

I know your a Willow fan but he was a doormat for her too. The way he let her manipulate him was just as bad as what happened with Chelsea, if not worse.. He was such a sucker. I can understand being a good guy but come on. He let her screw with him so much he nearly lost everything.

Then there is how he allowed Kate to blackmail him over the hairbrush incident. Yes, he did turn the tables on her eventually and that is probably one of the few instance where he showed strength as a character but that took him how long to get to that point? About two months. Meanwhile, he kept the truth and let Kate blackmail him.

Then there's how Nick allowed Chelsea to string him along all summer and how he pathetically chased after her. Remember his gambling to try to win money to impress her and the way he ran to her when he did win? Very similar to Nick and Melanie now only Melanie loves it and Chelsea could care less. i realize TTS was a horrible story but Nick was barely a part of it so he's fair game IMO. He was more involved with Kate/Sami/Lucas/EJ and then got involved briefly and became isolated when he got the kids, which brings me to my next point. The way he let China Lee walk all over him too. How many times did he buy into her BS? Again, he was being nice but it was pretty damn obvious she was taking him for a ride.

I also have to say that the way he quickly reunited with Chelsea after how she strung him along and treated him doesn't help his character either. He never once went off on her for how unfair she was and she was unfair.

I should not have brought up the rape story as Nick didn't really have a big role in that but, then again, when Chelsea went on her crusade to get rid of Ford and broke into his room, Nick went along with it. He clearly hated it but said nothing to Chelsea. Just went along with it. Again, I will say that there was one instance where Nick was strong and firm and that was when he learned the truth about Ford and pushed Chelsea to tell the truth. He was quite vocal about that.

Nick is one who can easily be influenced. Earlier this year, when Morgan was flirting with him, he bought it hook, line, and sinker. I know he's told Chelsea off a few times this year but when the breakup actually happened, he did nothing. Just moped and took it.

Yes, he did change Chelsea. He was a catlayst to her changing but circumstances changed Chelsea too. Her changes started when Bo disowned her and she made up for it by helping Shawn to learn he was Claire's father. Nick just furthered the changes along and helped her stay the course. Is he an influential character? Yeah. Is he unique? Definitely. That is why I will agree with brimike on his point that Nick has lost his uniqueness but that happened a long time ago. That actually happened back under Hogan. Characters do change and Nick has been through so much that I find it logical that he has changed and I can see why he feels he NEEDS Melanie. He lost Chelsea after everything they went through. He had nothing else but work in his life. He really has nobody. Melanie comes into his life and now he has someone. Someone who showed interest toward him. Someone he likes and feels sorry for. Someone he started out helping but grew closer too. With everything Nick has been through (including what he did for her in regards to Trent), I can see why he feels he needs her now more then ever.

And brimike, I realize what your saying but body language says alot too. For one, they actors hardly praised JER his second time except during the SSK story and Zack's death. Other then that, not much praise at all. During the scandal this summer, hardly anyone said anything at all. Problems backstage were hardly mentioned. Those that did comment did so after it all blew over and they did make light of it. My point is that I don't think any actor says something is the best work they have ever gotten without meaning it. Sure, they can something is good or whatever but Blake's making it personal, saying he's never had better material. That is why I buy into it. I know actors and such try to sell things but when they make it persona, I put more stock in it. He has no reason to say that unless he believes it.
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