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Nov 6 2008, 03:23 PM
Sure, they can something is good or whatever but Blake's making it personal, saying he's never had better material. That is why I buy into it. I know actors and such try to sell things but when they make it persona, I put more stock in it. He has no reason to say that unless he believes it.
Well honestly he hasn't. That still doesn't mean this story isn't a mess. I took what Blake said there meaning this is the most CHALLENGING thing he's ever been given on this show and that's true. Even with the Billie!sex reveal, the Willow death and initial concussion story, those were pretty just one shot episode deals that usually still wound up being all about Cheslea's reaction. This is the first story that he's been given that should showcase him from now until the end. But I'm not sure they will dare do that.

I can't disagree Nick has had issues with standing up for himself. But that's another reason why I like him because he's real. I'm sick of characters who are always sure and confident of themselves with false bravado. Nick is probably the most realistic guy on this show because he's an actual average guy who simply wants to find love and success in love. Sometimes he gets things right and other times he screws up but usually learns from his mistake.

So now that all said what they are doing now is making him fairly just 100% crazy. Again, as a Blake fan I can certainly look forward to how he'll act out these scenarios, but what I'm expecting Blake telling us in this article BETTER show up in the writing and explain even more what is driving Nick's obsession. Is it because of just the drugs? Is it a mental illess/split personality? Could Chelsea dumping him but constantly running back to him over and over have something to do with it? How about the fact that the show wants us to believe Max is smarter then NIck, that in itself makes me crazy? These are things that should be addressed but the show has dropped the ball time and time before. I've let it go with some characters I find pretty beloved (Steve coming to mind). But for me to accept Nick as this crazy ass killer who is willing to let "the girl he loves" believe she killed her own father needs to have explanation backing it up.
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