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Nov 6 2008, 05:30 PM
Nov 6 2008, 05:25 PM
Nov 6 2008, 05:17 PM
Nov 6 2008, 03:46 PM

I get what your saying though and I understand the worry. We'll see. I hope it works out. Couldn't agree more about Culliton though. No doubt he can handle it.
I *knew* we'd eventually find something to agree on! ;)
I was hoping we would :laugh: .

Glad we did. I know I'm a bit too much at times so I'm glad we can have a healthy debate and discussion without issue. It's rare for that to happen these days.

Well, duh. :D We both love the show. And we need all the DOOL-lovers we can get right now, whether we're in agreement or not.

I just wish sometimes I was watching the PhoenixRising Days of Our Lives. The way he explains it, it's a really complex one-hour drama!
Well, as I said in the episode thread, I was once the same way.

When I first started posting on boards, I was critical and pessimistic of everything. Days is very close to my heart and was my first soap so I was always sort of blinded by it. The only time I was harsh on it was in 2004-2005. Other soaps I had no problem being critical of because I had not watched them as long and my connection to them was not as personal. Anyway, a couple of years ago, I went back and watched some classic soap stuff (not just Days). BJ's heart story, Erica/Maria/Edmund, GL blackout, Maison Blanche, etc. I was shocked when I found myself tearing everything apart. I was finding problems left and right and my enjoyment of all that stuff was gone. I thought about what had just happened and. after some time, decided to stop being so critical and to just enjoy. Now I've taken that mentality with all the soaps. If I'm really down on a show, I just don't post about it. I'm even starting to think about not posting about Days episodes at all. I just don't want to become a critic unless someone wants to pay me to do so LOL. I just want to enjoy my soaps while I have them. It's not as if complaining will get anything to change. Ratings are never going to go back up and the shows have maintained the status quo for so long, I don't see change happening so I just sit back and hope to be entertained, If not today, then tomorrow then.
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