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Nov 7 2008, 09:42 AM
Nov 6 2008, 11:30 PM

While I did find Nicole's antics in the prison infirmary amusing and entertaining at times (the actresses playing the prisoners, including the one from Gladiators, and nurse were good and there were some good zingers), it reminded me and awful lot of Steve being in the mental ward last year. It was just full of stereotypes and way too over the top.
What is it about Days and this problem - I have always wondered that! It doesn't matter who the Executive Producer is, or who the Casting Director is, or who the director is, these scenes always end up looking silly, and like you said, full of stereotypes.

For awhile I thought it was a Tom Langan issue, then I thought it was a Steve Wyman issue, but then when Ed Scott and Marnie Saitta came on, it still reared its ugly head now and then. And now it happened under Tomlin.

Is it something in the water? :D When I was out there, I even paid attention to it, trying to see if there were specific directions given to be over the top in scenes like that, but nope. It just naturally happens. It's so weird... any time there's any scene either in a jail or an asylum or another country, or whatever, it brings out the worst in that place. The rest of Salem looks great, and their extras completely blend in... until we step outside a restaurant or the hospital. So goofy...
Your absolutely right. It doesn't seem to matter what regime. I do think it was at it's worse under JER. As far as Steve in the psych ward, the show had never done that before in that environment so I cut them some slack but it was very offensive.

I was amused and entertained at times yesterday but also annoyed. I think more or less I felt it was unnecessary. They could've just had Nicole get so scared being in a jail cell in the dark or with cockroaches or something that she started having pains. Something like that. You don't always need to go over the top with it. That and there was like no purpose in EJ rescuing her. The nurse already saved Nicole. As I said, they should've just had her work herself up too much, causing pains and had that be the catalyst.

I think the show thinks it's what the audience wants. It's campy and over the top and I guess it works because ever since Days returned to being a bit more campy, the ratings have responded, which leads me to the comparison between last year and now.

I agree 100% the stories were better. However, the show had stories already going at that time. Right now, you have stories that just began a few weeks ago and others that still need work. The show also had 2-3 main stories going. Right now, it has many stories going. That was a complaint many had in 2007 in regards to Days. There were only 2-3 stories and if you didn't like one or two of them, you were screwed. Even with the lack of Steve, Kayla, etc and overuse of Melanie and others, lately the show is more balanced. There are more stories in rotation. That is one problem I had with 2007 myself.

The writing of 2007 was the kind of writing I enjoy. Very complex, layered characters, etc. However, it's clear the bulk of the audience didn't want that. Yes, you can't please everyone and no matter who writes you will have a good 25% of people or more complaining but so many Days fans found the changes at Days jarring. After a decade or more of the same style, Hogan and co came in and made Days more serious and character-driven. While many of us on the DR/SON/etc liked it, it's clear we were vastly outnumbered. There were so many fans who were more worried about the characters onscreen or the lack of stories then ones who worry about layered characters and so on. That was the issue. I wish we could have that type of writing and see results but I don't think that can happen with Days.

That much is clear when you look at the ratings. Not much happened on Days in October. Not much happened last week. Yet, Days is doing much better in demos and is holding on in HH and viewers. It lost 44,000 last week but gained back 54,000 this week. It's sort of building an audience and building demos and the show hasn't done that in a LONG time. Usually it was up big for a week or so and then they would lose it all a few weeks later.

There is something disturbing about the numbers for those clamoring for more vets. The fact that Days is holding it''s own, doing better in demos, etc with the current stories and characters dominating does not help the cause of the fans who are upset by not seeing the characters they want to see. I recognize they are losing in the older demos but the show isn't going to care when it's doing good in the so called key demos and such and doing it with the young cast and other stories currently in play.

It will be interesting to see what happens in sweeps. If Days' current pattern continues, it could be an impressive December and January for them because they usually do very well in those months.
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