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Nov 7 2008, 05:19 PM
Your forgetting the J&M story (it's backburnered but still a story) and your also forgetting the impending Brady/Chloe/Lucas stuff. Your also forgetting that John's death last year wasn't even a story. It just played into the feud story. They wrapped up the death angle in a week and a half. You had 3 stories last year at this time. You had the Brady/Dimera feud which contained the Sami/Lucas/EJ stuff and John's death/Marlena's vengeance, Shawn/Belle/Philip/Chloe, and the Ford stuff. That's it. Nothing else. Three stories and, really, the Ford stuff did not get played much at all until December when he died so there is clearly more stories going on. The show doesn't have stories that involve many characters being involved. It's got individuals stories that it's setting up to kind of intermingle a bit. Big difference.

Yes, the balance is not perfect but we are seeing more characrters now then we did this year even with the lack of Tony, Steve, Kayla, etc. Instead of Sami, Lucas, EJ, Belle, Shawn, Philip, etc dominating we now have Kate, Daniel, Lucas, Chloe, Nicole, EJ, Melanie, Nick, Chelsea, Stephanie, Lexie, Abe , Bo, Hope, Stefano, Sami, Rafe, etc getting heavy airtime and the show usually gives each of them a day break at least during the week to break things up. It's also alternating stories throughout the week instead of one story dominating. Come this week, I'm sure Brady will be tossed into the mix as well and it sees J&M will be featured more to so more characters and another story in rotation. HUGE difference from last year.
Actually, I'm not forgetting anything. The J&M story is pretty much non-existent at this point and the Brady/Chloe/Lucas stuff hasn't even started yet which is why I didn't mention it. I'm also not forgetting that John's death was a week long story. However, as you yourself point out, it was tied to the Brady/DiMera stuff and included the post-death, Marlena stuff.

But, for the sake of argument, I will concede that we had three storylines last year -- the DiBrady Feud, Shellip, and the Ford Decker storyline. I think I originally said that there were four storylines, because I think the EJ/Sami/Lucas stuff deserves it's own little category, but whatever.

This year we have Babypalooza (EJ/Nicole/Sami/Rafe and, by extension, Lucas and Chloe), Trent murder mystery (Stephanie, Max, Nick, Melanie, Philip, Bo, Hope, Chelsea (to a lesser degree)), Kate's cancer (Daniel, Kate, Philip, Lucas, Chloe), and Abe's political career (Abe, Lexie, Theo). I would say that the one thing that is better now is that the main storylines intersect a lot more. But, in my opinion, there are not "clearly more" storylines than there were last year. As for the Ford stuff, it was prevelant in November because that's when Cordy and Morgan accused Ford (Morgan's attempted rape was on Halloween). And, I distinctly recall it because so many were complaining about how the sorority group was being shoved down our throats.

I don't see how you can say that the show doesn't have "big stories that involve many characters" when the Trent murder mystery involves 8 characters and Babypalooza has 4-6 with one more about to join the fray. That's pretty much how things worked with the DiBrady feud and the Ford storyline.

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on the balance thing. I don't think it's necessarily less balanced than it was last year based on numbers of characters getting semi-decent airtime. But, I don't think it's more balanced and, in terms of character groups, I think it is less balanced. But, I'm sure that's a matter of opinion, like most things.
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