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Nov 7 2008, 10:04 PM
Nov 7 2008, 05:12 PM
Damnit, Days!!!


Seriously, I was pissed they did it in the mags and now in the promo makes it worse. I know it's all over the net but for those who don't look at spoilers or lurk on the net, it's so dumb. I know they see it as helping to attract people to watch but it's always better to surprise people and the way they played this story thus far, it's clear they wanted to surprise and shock the audience. They didn't give anything away in sweeps previews. I mean, it seems contradictory to do what they were doing and then reveal it all in the mags and in the promo now? Dumb.
They didn't reveal who the killer is. Melanie just asked Nick, they didn't say it was him.
Yeah but they showed the flashback scenes and you can tell it's him and in the clip that followed they had Nick holding a knife. You can tell it's him. It's obvious, especially if you have been watching the past week with all his pill-popping and creepy behavior.

I guess when you consider most unspoiled fans probably figured it out last week anyway with how Nick was acting it isn't a big deal but I wish the show was a bit more secretive. It kept people guessing throughout the mystery and didn't even spoil anything or hint at it in the sweeps previews and then this week it spoils the big reveal in not just the promo but the mags too. It pisses me off but, like Jinx said, it will catch people's attention.

I will be watching Monday's episode later so I look forward to seeing this unfold. I heard good things.
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