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Nov 7 2008, 10:17 PM
I'm not sure Nick is the one holding the knife in the end of the promo. They don't show the face and the shirt looks different. And when they show Trent being stabbed it happens so fast so those that are watching the promo on TV wont be able to see who it is (unless they record it and pause).
Oh, it's Nick. You can clearly recognize the room that the person is standing in as Maggie's kitchen and the body is so slender it's clear it's Nick. I do think even the unspoiled have it figured out by now so no big deal. I'm still upset by it but thinking about it more, I realize it's not a huge issue.

I will say again that after sweeps, they need to tone down on Melanie's airtime. I understand why she's been on alot of late but after this story wraps, if her airtime continues at this rate, it will become a major problem and even I will be upset by it.
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