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Today was ok. It seems like we are in a lull with yesterday and today. That's ok. The show's been solid for a few weeks and we know it amps things up next week.

Sami/Rafe were ok. I'm still not seeing alot of sparks but they hold my interest and it's not coming off too much like Shuis. I did LMAO when Rafe mentioned bringing down a drug cartel as Luis did that on Passions LOL. I HATED the ending. How do you end an episode, especially a FRIDAY, on something like Rafe stealing Sami's clothes. Stupid. That pretty much brought the whole episode down for me right there.

Philip/Melanie I enjoyed because I like their face offs and they match up well in them but it felt like rehash from yesterday and, much like yesterday, too much focus on Nick/Max and the invention. That all could've been settled quicker. It did get interesting once Melanie got to the bar and I did like the scenes with Nick calling her and the scene at Maggie's house afterwards. Creepy and I think they should've ended the episode on that story and not the Sami/Rafe stuff that made the ending lackluster. Max/Melanie had a cute scene and I'm glad Melanie is 18 so that is no longer an issue. I just hope the show doesn't use it as an excuse to pair her with Philip. They can with Nick but not Philip. I don't mind her interacting with him and them having them be thorns in each other's side but nothing romantic.

I really enjoyed Philip/Stephanie. Easily the best part of the episode for me. Enjoyed their banter and their chemistry is very good. I like the way the show is doing these interactions with the gym and all. It works well. I also like them having Stephanie take control of her life with focusing on school and work and her career. That was needed to show maturity and make a possible relationship with Philip work. Good job there.

Nicole/EJ had some good scenes but I did feel they dragged out the "confession" scenes too long. I did like Bo and Hope being a bit less snobbish today. Their behavior toward her never bothered me but considering the doubts they are having and the circumstances, I wanted them to tone it down and they did. I did like Bo and Hope's banter early on in the episode about him being commissioner. Cute stuff. I did get the sense that Nicole was framed. The SPD is dumb but they would've found that stuff on the first look through. Someone went back and planted it and I think that will be mentioned. The fact that the show had Bo mention how they looked once and found it on the second look through and had Nicole question it leads me to believe it meant something like that. They wouldn't have made it seem so important otherwise. I don't blame Nicole for thinking the worst of Stefano and EJ though. She's entitled, especially since she knows EJ still has feelings for Sami and how possessive Stefano is of his children and heirs.

It wasn't horrible today but the last two days dragged and were slow. It's ok to have one or two like that after a month or show of good ones (at least IMO) and things heat up next week (Monday's episode is VERY GOOD).

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