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I'm finding myself liking Melanie more and more. I'm enjoying her story with Nick and especially Philip! They have great chemistry, even with the age difference! Plus, she's mature enough for me to buy it as opposed to Chelsea and the good doctor. Melanie seems to have more life experience.

Kate has cancer isn't doing much for me thus far. I really don't like this story, and I'm finding Daniel a big snooze - why the hell is he so goddamn over the top with everything? Also, why do they seem to be testing Daniel and Chloe? So they can ship them both off together? Furthermore, why are Chloe and Lucus still being forced down our throats?!!!!!! They have to be one of the worst couples in DAYS history.

I still don't see why they felt the need to write in Ali's pregnancy. Like I said before, first it was a character trying to hide her pregnancy and now that's still going on, but she's completely isolated from the rest of the cast! Stupid, stupid, stupid. That aside, Sami and Hilda were HILARIOUS and I'm liking the story thus far with "Rafe" (the Passions dude)...there's still a good amount of comedy and they have good chemistry.

Bo and Hope are annoying me more and more, they're acting way too fucking high and mighty. They've made their fair share of mistakes in the Salem PD, and considering the know Nicole, I don't really see why they feel the need to treat her so horribly. I also think they need to work on Nicole and EJ - there's definitely something there, but I don't like how they're both acting so watered down.

And lastly, like some other people, I just skimmed over Abe and the election...BORING!
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