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Nov 8 2008, 04:01 PM
Nov 8 2008, 03:47 PM
I think the main difference is between the vets and the newbies is that the vets know how to flirt and be sexy. The newbies only think of sexy as being undressed. There's a serious lack of flirting with the youngins. It seems forced when they do it. The vets especially the DH's, Thaao, Lauren, Renee, and Leann know how to make a scene sexy even if it isn't written that way. Tony constantly flirts with everyone, even his sister Lexie. I even saw chemistry between Tony and Morgan. It's not the dialogue, it's his eyes. His eyes are flirty. lol The DH's have had chemistry with all their various partners. Lauren's had chemistry with everyone. Yeah the supercouples have the ultimate chemistry obviously. I just don't see that chemistry with the younger ones. There's no supercouple material at all with the 30 and under set. I see no supercouple no matter how you mix up Chelsea, Nick, Max, Stephanie, Melanie, and Philip. Even Joe M, John Aniston and Peggy McKay flirt better than those 6.
I agree with that. I do think that JKJ and Martha had that though. Martha's love scenes wtih BB didn't even compare to just a regular scene with JKJ.
I think and JKJ's Phillip and Martha's Belle definitely had "it" as well. In the beginning Nick and Chelsea did too, I do think they are salvageable however.
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