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Nov 8 2008, 02:28 AM
Nov 7 2008, 10:21 PM
Nov 6 2008, 12:47 AM
First, I have to say this and not because I'm trying to spin but because it's the truth. I see so many associating Dena with nothing but random pairings and that is not her fault. Her pairings were all worked out until the behind the scenes battle with Ed Scott. Dena was going in the direction of a Lucas/Sami/EJ/Nicole quad, Philip/Morgan, etc. She picked directions. When Ed interfered, that is when things began to be forced with no development (Lucas/Chloe being an example, among other things).

Since Dena has taken back the reigns and since Tomlin and Whitesell came on, the show has regained direction. It still has work to do and it's clear Dena is trying to stabilize the couples and stories. Jay mentioned this himself. They are trying to get a feel for the dynamics and what will work and so on. That is why they are playing with Philip/Stephanie, Chloe/Daniel, and other pairings. It doesn't mean they are going to happen but you have to test it to see if it will work. It just bugs me that the material that aired during the behind the scenes clashing is blamed on Dena. Ed and whoever else rewrote her stuff. There was clashing visions on a daily basis. It was creative hell. This isn't about Higley. It's about being fair. Judging her on January-May and September-now is fair but everything else we have no idea who did what and so on. It's too clouded so better to just wipe that out completely and focus on what we know she is responsible for. I have no problem with tearing that apart but the rest is just too uncertain to attribute to her. Also, it's clear Dena reads the boards. Perhaps they are the wrong boards but I digress. If she wanted to do the opposite of what the fans want, she would not feature J&M or Bope or Steve/Kayla (I know they aren't on but she did give them story earlier this year) and so on AT ALL. I will gladly bash Dena if after a few more months, things remain unbalanced and aren't good overall. Right now, things are still a work in progress and the show has already shown steady improvement (as many of the actors noted in these videos).

Now, these videos were interesting. I'm intrigued by Peter Reckell's interview. A quirky story for Bo? Hmm...interesting. If it's coming around Christmas, we should be hearing soon. I'm excited.

I'm shocked Joe seemed pleased about the writing and said it was improved. Then again, it does seem like after today Stefano has some stuff coming and he's probably happy Stefano isn't in a wheelchair sick all the time.

Loved Eric and Ari's video. I love how her and Micheal call him "meat" and LOL to Eric talking about how often his shirt was off on Passions. I recall those coma scenes and that was ridiculous. Eric is a very nice, genuine guy. He seems dedicated to the role too and O love how Fairman asked if the drug addiction would be touched upon and he was shocked when it was. I think many thought that would be dropped (I didn't as Higley actually wrote that). Glad to see it wasn't. Should be good.

Shelley seems very high on the Philip/Stephanie pairing. I hope it does happen. Shelley was a delight. So nice and genuine. She looked great. Jay seems open to anything and he does appear to be staying considering he is talking about 2009. I wouldn't get worked up about Philip/Melanie. I think they are just setting the stage for Melanie to use Philip and/or Titan for something. I don't see Philip/Melanie becoming much of anything. I can see Melanie causing problems for Stephanie and Philip though. The actors admitted they aren't clear on where things are going yet as things are just progressing and being set up so I wouldn't get too worried yet on Philip/Melanie, Chelsea/Max, or whatever. Personally, I would be more upset about Chelsea/Max then Philip/Melanie because it's a regression and I think Rachel spoke of that. Rachel always says that Chelsea going back to Nick is a regression. I disagree. I think her going back to Max is. I like Chelsea and Max as friends so I will be disappointed if they go there. My hope is that Rachel read what was going on wrong in her scenes with Blake and that Chelsea/Nick/Melanie is the direction they are going in. By the way, Rachel seemed a bit "off" too. She seemed not interested in talking about her story and so on.

Speaking of not being interested, can Thaoo be anymore obvious about his displeasure? Between his posts on his site, his body language and responses in this video, and his body language in his final scene today...wow. You can tell he is just pissed LOL. LeAnn was cavalier about it and she seemed aftaid to let Thaoo talk out of fear he would say something bad. Same goes for SN and MBE. MBE was like LeAnn and SN seemed like Thaoo. Can't say I blame them though.

Kevin Dobson's interview was nothing LOL. SC was great though. I really do feel bad for him. He reads the boards so it must be tough. I hope they continue to improve upon his character and give him a solid direction. Molly Burnett's was short too but she is new and not used to this stuff so that is probably why. She seemed friendly though.

These were pretty good though. Hope there is more so we can learn more.

Leann's not a complainer. She just isn't. Thaao's been saying that about her for years. He said she never has a negative word to say about anyone. She could complain, she hasn't been on since September.

Thaao's beyond pissed obviously. The show should have built on the momentum of his emmy nom, and given him his own story. Instead he's just propping. I never saw him act like that onscreen until this week. He was clearly pissed in both eppies this week.

Rachel Melvin annoys me. She cheerleaded for Chan all summer. She bashed Chick every chance she got. I thought that was totally rude to BB. Considering how badly Chelsea treated Nick, she doesn't deserve a second chance with him. Chelsea and Max was bad the first time. He used his niece for blowjobs for Pete's sake. I so don't want the show to go there again.
I just have to say this but thank you. Thank you for not jumping on me for talking about Thaoo in his scenes and his body language in his scenes and in the videos/interviews. It's so nice to see a fan of an actor/couple who doesn't go overboard and jump all over someone for making observations. I couldn't agree more about Thaoo. I've never seen him do that. He's been outspoken but it never boiled over into his work and the way he handled himself in his interviews...I can't blame him but it was obvious and I think LeAnn was worried he would do something bad so she did most of the talking. I agree that Leann isn't the type to complain.

Couldn't agree more about Melvin. I'm almost at the point where they should just let her and Brooks go. I know they are both talented and it won't happen but I don't like the way she handled things with Chan, Chick, etc at all and if they are going to continue on the path they are with Brooks and the character of Max, cut him loose. They could've avoided the problem they are having with Max if they kept Morgan. Stupid. I do agree with you in that Melvin has a point about going back to someone who slept with her relative but Dan did the same so she shouldn't be cheerleading for one and not the other as they are both the same.

And SN was hysterical LOL.
LOL! Tim, gotta love you. :wub2: I so agree with you.

Hoochilicious is nothing if not realistic. ;) Thaao has the right to be pissed. (Hoochie, gotta love ya, too! :wub2: )
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