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Nov 9 2008, 12:05 AM
Hey, I'm all for green-ness.

I just don't need to have it shoved in my face on my soaps. When I watch TV, I want to be entertained, not educated. Save that shit for PBS.
And it depends on how its done. I'm all for promoting common sense things the average middle class citizen can do, like cans, water usage reduction, newspaper recycling, carpooling, and things like that, but if he starts telling people to redo their countertops or put in thermal heat panels in their houses.............I might throw something.

In regards to the Melanie comment, Tim, I agree to an extent, but now Philip is getting sucked into the vortex. Right now, the focus as a possible perpetrator should be on Nicole and/or Nick. Nick's stalkishness is one thing............but there have been some repetitive things (i.e., the whole grant thing) that just aren't necessary. The VERY least the director can do is tell her to tone it down a little. It's possible that the acting choices are what's getting people who are tired of her, well, tired of her. I just know I'm almost to the point of wanting to mute and just read lips to get the story. If this didn't involve Nick so much, I probably would.

I hope you're right........when this story is over, I hope she gets backburnered.
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