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Nov 9 2008, 11:09 AM
I really don't see how he can come back (and I'm a huge Blake fan). Sure, they can play an addiction/recovery story, but he's still committed MURDER. This is not like the Willow situation at all. Even if the charges are dropped due to temporary insanity or whatever, I can't see a future with Melanie. Maybe with Chelsea, but at this point, their whole relationship will be based on the fact they're both murdering pariahs. Part of the joy of Nick and Chelsea in the beginning was that Chelsea was so haunted by the Zach storyline, and Nick brought out a levity and a sense of humor and brightness in her that we'd never seen before. (Much like what Jennifer did for the character of Jack) Now, Nick's lost that light as a character himself. And once that's gone, it's kinda hard to get back.
Even if he committed the murder to protect her? I mean, he's on drugs that are screwing with his mind so the Nick that you speak of is not really there. It's just like John. This isn't the old John so saying "John would never do that" doesn't ring true. Same goes here, at least for me. The real Nick would never do this but the drug-addicted, mentally distorted Nick would. He's not in his right mind and Melanie, Chelsea, and others will realize that so they won't change their opinion of him. It's been said that everyone blames Melanie for this and I see that furthering the Nick/Melanie coupling. He killed Trent for her and I see Nick defending Melanie and siding with her when everyone attacks her for her role in what happened to Nick. That is why I think this story will work and cause very little damage to his character. It will add depth and make the character stronger. I never felt he was a strong character and I don't want to see the Nick we saw in his early days. With all he's been through since he came to Salem, it would make no sense. He can still have his quirky charm but I don't want to see the character be the same way he was. Characters are supposed to develop and change over time through the various circumstances they've gone through. Nick's been through so much already and now with this, it's an opportunity to add alot to the character and that will happen. There is no way it couldn't. This show had people commit much worse acts without the parachute of drugs/mental illness and the characters never suffered and were still well-liked so I don't think it's an issue at all.
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