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I don't see why Nick can't come back from this. EJ was responsible for Eve's murder and he shot John in cold blood. What we see on Nick on Monday is he does stab Trent in a case to protect Melanie. Obviously the drug addiction and that event caused his mind to malfunction and with his family history they could easily use MPD as a means to show he's insane and not responsible for his current crimes. Earlier this year Kate and Marlena both shot guns at EJ and got off scot free.

We know the show has hired a new shrink. We know they mention Jessica's illness. Of course the way this show goes anything could happen but I'm really hoping they aren't getting ready to fire Blake.

One thing though I'm fairly sure they have ruined forever is Mick (Nick and Melanie) because I don't see why Melanie would be able to trust being around Nick again. Maybe that is why they are having her try to con him so heavily and one could argue that Nick's actions against her was because he was really out of his mind while she was intentionally trying to manipulate him. However, it's a fine line they have with Nick around Melanie and even if he doesn't try to hurt her on purpose, this creepy threatening act usually is enough to push any girl away. Everyone knows I'm a chick fan but I really did like Melanie and Nick's chemistry and hate that the way they gave this (challenging) story for Blake pretty much ruined their chances.
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