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Nov 9 2008, 01:28 PM
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Nov 9 2008, 12:55 PM
common knowledge in the industry
Really? Common knowledge or common rumor? I usually chuckle at the use of the word "common knowledge". Unless one is in the industry, we on the outside really don't know what "common knowledge" in the industry is. But, if you're in the industry, my profound apologies.
By the way, I've noticed it in several places, and I know it's easy to misspell, but his name is Thaao, not Thaoo. :D Last I heard, Leeann Hunley is his sweetie, and that's coming from fans who communicate with him. Now, if we want to get into the debate of whether she's his beard or not, there's another thread that covers that.
Anyway, pertaining to this rumor, I think it's more important to point out who's MARRIED rather than start other stuff and rumors going. Thaao's not married. He could be gay (if the rumor was true) and still be married, or bi and be married. The thing is........to discredit the rumor, one should mention whether the guy is MARRIED or not.
you don't want to start rumors but you are willing to discuss the rumor about the married man.
That seems like a double standard. And if sweetie is another word for beard, then so be it.

If you read this thread carefully, you will notice I have not contributed to any rumors. I did not comment on any of the men mentioned, nor do I plan to. I don't like contributing to speculations of this sort that can affect someone's personal life. That's just me. I rarely post in the other rumors thread or at the one at TWoP unless it's to question something.

I tend to not speculate about BI's because often, that "common knowledge" turns out to be bull or something I don't care about, or, I feel the shit doesn't need to be stirred. However, I do care about rumors being tossed about as "common knowledge". I would say the same thing if someone said one of the other men mentioned screwing around on his wife was "common knowledge", or if someone taking drugs or being anorexic was "common knowledge". Unless we ARE THERE, we truly don't know the common knowledge. I have no problem with people speculating, at least, the people who admit they are merely speculating or say they've heard a rumor. Rumors spouted as fact are what caused a lot of the hard feelings and ugliness in this election, after all, because people didnt check their facts.
So you are equating being gay to cheating or taking drugs?
Honey, you're not reading what I'm saying. I don't give a flying flip if Thaao is gay, straight, or is a monk. What I care about is rumors being spouted as "common knowledge". Just like I would get pissed off if someone said Suzanne Rogers being on crack is common knowledge, or that Arianne Zucker being anorexic is common knowledge, or that Peter Reckell fights dogs is common knowledge. (And I'm using outlandish examples merely to make my point instead of something that is vague that I DON'T know whether it's true or not).

But, you know, I don't know how many other ways I can make my point. If you want to go the common knowledge way, go ahead. The only thing I know is common knowledge is that Mr. Penglis spells his name Thaao, he's from Australia and is of Greek heritage, he loves to travel, and he's currently said to be Tony on Days of Our Lives (although, if I hadn't watched this week, I would have questioned that, given his sparse airtime).

Now, I'm not going to quibble about this anymore. I've already taken this offtopic more than I should. Thaao is out of the running for speculation on this rumor because HE'S NOT MARRIED. Period.
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