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Nov 9 2008, 02:26 PM
I think the show's going to a fair amount of trouble to make this not a random act of violence. I mean, I think they made Nick the killer because he's one of the most squeaky-clean people on canvas by Salem standards and they think it will be shocking. That being said, they're giving him more than, say, Lucas got when he shot EJ--that was just supposed to be jealousy/frustration motivating that crime, whereas Nick is apparently going to be mentally ill and having problems with prescription medication and saving Melanie from Trent. And Trent was an utterly worthless bastard who nobody cared was dead. I think if they were going to write Nick off, they wouldn't have had it be under these circumstances, where there a lot of factors going into making this an interesting character study.

I don't like the random use of serious criminal acts as plot points either. But I do think in this case that it's not going to be all that hard to redeem Nick.
ITA. That's what I was trying to say. We've had characters do regular acts of violence (as brimike said) over and over without the hint of guilt. It's also quite rare for them to "pay" for their deeds such as Max only having to do community service with Ford (and bitching about it like Chelsea did on her community service) while Stephanie and Chelsea got off scot-free.

So the difference I see with Nick is they seem to be laying groundwork here so that when it becomes clear and Nick is revealed to be the killer, the show can then devote his storyline to getting the help he needs and hopefully giving Blake even more great material (I can't wait for the realNick to come back and then have to come to terms with what he's been doing).

Split personalities and mental illness are honestly quite a soap staple. Days hasn't featured too many that I really recall (Didn't Kimberly have one?) but other soaps have done them to death, OLTL being tops with Viki/Nikki and of course Jess/Tess (right?)

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