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You guys do realize D.I.D is not hereditary, right?
But the tendency towards mental illness and dealing with stress and traumatic events probably are. I don't think anyone is saying Nick has DID, just that there could be a consideration.
And according to WebMD, the drug/alcohol use could be a contributing factor. Or, that use could be a coping mechanism.
"research indicates that a combination of environmental and biological factors work together to cause it. As many as 98% to 99% of individuals who develop dissociative disorders have recognized personal histories of recurring, overpowering, and often life-threatening disturbances at a sensitive developmental stage of childhood (usually before age 9). Dissociation may also happen when there has been insistent neglect or emotional abuse, even when there has been no overt physical or sexual abuse. Findings show that in families where parents are frightening and unpredictable, the children may become dissociative."

Damn, I'm doing the wrong research! I need to be working on my lesson plans, LOL
That is only if Nick lived in an abusive environment. Unless Dena re-writes that his childhood sucked ass then he wouldn't.
Not necessarily.

Nicl's been through enough to cause a mental illness. Chelsea, Willow, Kate, China Lee, those little kids (he really liked them and was heartbroken to lose them), and then losing Chelsea the way he did. Not to mention how humiliating it had to be for him when Max was the reason he got his grant. We saw in the jailhouse scenes in September how much it hurt him to lose Chelsea. We saw a Nick we never saw before. One that was hurting like hell inside. Melanie was the first thing in a long time that went right for him. She was all he had except for his invention, which technically Max helped him get going, and his job. That's it. That is why I think it was so easy for him to get hooked on painkillers and thsoe painkillers distorted his mind, which was already in a vulnerable state.

Higley and co may not be the best but IMO it will take alot for this to totally be a mess. I think at the very least it will be decent. Hell, we already know they have a psychiatrist coming in and they mention Jessica's illness. That alone shows they have put some effort and research into this. Plus, Days has been handling medical issues better lately. Kate's lung cancer has been handled in a respectful and well thought out manner. I think many will be surprised by how this turns out.
I agree, Tim.
As do I. Actually Jessica's DID didn't come from an abusive environment was it? It was due to the trauma of discovering the "secrets" of her family past and finding out Marie was her mother and Alex Marshal was her father? Or am I getting that wrong?

And I know it's not hereditary but having the family history can help make a stronger story. My DREAM would be for not just Jessica's DID to come into play with Nick but going back even further and Nick realizing what his grandfather was really like. (Yes, I know that's unlikely but still). My super dream would be to take it a step further and flaunt the idea that Nick's father isn't really Joshua Fallon but Jake K (I don't attempt to spell that last name). Again, it might be quite clear Jessica was far done with dating Jate by the time she found out she was pregnant and there was no doubt but since the show loves to play "Magic Eightball" with paternities, I'd love to see if Nick be haunted with the idea that he comes from bad genetic material which if put under stress/drugs, he could wind up doing evil things.

Or I'm insane myself. In fact, I am and just ignore the rest.
You know, it's a lot more realistic scenario than Jack Deveraux's last mystery-illness-with-no-name, LOL.
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