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Nov 9 2008, 09:32 PM
Nov 9 2008, 09:26 PM
Willow suffered from one problem above everything else - poor casting. The actress who played her had her moments, and may have been a wonderful person, but she could be very one-note, especially when it came time for emotional scenes. And she always had a dazed look in her eyes, although I admit she was more alive with Blake than she was with Brandon. And Brandon really REALLY needed someone to elevate him. Had she played the role with more layers, had more chemistry with Beemer, who knows what would have happened. The whole Nick/Chelsea/hairbrush story probably would never have transpired. And she might have ended up a real foil for Belle.

Oh, how I wish Marnie Saitta was working at Days when they were casting that role...

She wasn't horrible but if you wanted to keep her, you had to put her with someone better then her. Blake was, which is why she become a bit more interesting and seemed better. She did have her moments but I just think she was a waste. I'm all for new blood but the character just never came off important enough to matter and then they bring in her brother, who was a horrible actor, and he lasts all of two weeks or so. I just never felt she was someone to invest in.

By connections, Drew, I meant a family connection. I don't want everyone to have that but that is what Melanie has that she doesn't and that alone, at least for me, helps to invest her right off the bat. that and the fact that the actress is good and the characters feels like someone who matters.
But, we can say that about a lot of actors on Days. If you think about it, who has Melanie been surrounded by lately? Except for her scenes with Darin Brooks, she's matched up with some pretty solid guys, mainly JKJ and Blake. So many of her Max scenes were snarky and sassy, and she was at her beginning and it was, well, attractive and fresh. Now, she just seems to be too shrewish. Shriekish. I don't know the word. Maybe it's because she reminds me of Shayna Rose, and I could never take to Shayna Rose. Maybe it's her facial gestures. I dunno. Who can explain why we like who we like?
And Amello, I consider Farah Fath a pretty cute, fair comedic actress, but I will be the first to admit she doesn't do drama well. But she's got this realistic, girl next door different approachable....well, approach to her that's refreshing. And she and Jason Cook really played well against each other, probably because of their friendship. Granted, I couldn't stand her during the whole Mimi abortion storyline. She has had pretty good moments on OLTL, and some moments where I, yes, cringed. AT the very least, she can be considered inconsistent. For some reason, I'm willing to overlook the bad days to get ready to enjoy the good days. Her last scenes with the Brody character this week, for instance, were very low-keyed and touching. She played them well without her usual facial gestures.
Shelley Hennig seems to be getting a fresh start being with JKJ, too, than with Darin.
But, like I said kinda sorta, it's all a matter of taste. I liked Melanie at the beginning. Maybe, like food and wine, too much of a good thing is unhealthy. :D (As I sit here making myself sick on chocolate covered almonds and a nice glass of wine!)
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