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Nov 9 2008, 09:32 PM
Nov 9 2008, 09:29 PM
Nov 9 2008, 09:26 PM
Willow suffered from one problem above everything else - poor casting. The actress who played her had her moments, and may have been a wonderful person, but she could be very one-note, especially when it came time for emotional scenes. And she always had a dazed look in her eyes, although I admit she was more alive with Blake than she was with Brandon. And Brandon really REALLY needed someone to elevate him. Had she played the role with more layers, had more chemistry with Beemer, who knows what would have happened. The whole Nick/Chelsea/hairbrush story probably would never have transpired. And she might have ended up a real foil for Belle.

Oh, how I wish Marnie Saitta was working at Days when they were casting that role...
Now Brandon Beemer is someone I didnt care for, unless he was with Nadia or Lauren....he also worked well with Peter, but I just never took to that rendition of Shawn and Belle. It's very possible I didnt like him because viewers weren't given time to get used to Jason Cook being gone before they started Beemer.
Agreed. Martha's Belle always seemed to come across like she was Shawn's mother, not his love interest. But I do think Brandon was good with Peter and Kristian (and later, with Nadia), and I really REALLY saw something hot with him and Koslow. (I may be the only one) He just needed more time to click with the audience, I agree. And he shouldn't have been thrust into the frontburner so early on. Any head writer knows you don't take an actor the audience has seen for a couple months and suddenly showcase them four-five days a we--

--oh, wait. Maybe they don't know that.

You're not the only one. There was a Shate thread going at SC for a while! :D
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