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Nov 9 2008, 09:37 PM
Nov 9 2008, 09:32 PM
Agreed. Martha's Belle always seemed to come across like she was Shawn's mother, not his love interest. But I do think Brandon was good with Peter and Kristian (and later, with Nadia), and I really REALLY saw something hot with him and Koslow. (I may be the only one) He just needed more time to click with the audience, I agree. And he shouldn't have been thrust into the frontburner so early on. Any head writer knows you don't take an actor the audience has seen for a couple months and suddenly showcase them four-five days a we--

--oh, wait. Maybe they don't know that.

Aw, see now I loved Martha Madison and Brandon Beemer together. When Beemer was brought on as Shawn, and they showed hints that they were going to reunite Shawn and Belle, I hated the idea. But the way Hogan and his team brought Shawn and Belle back together, made them fall in love with each other agian, naturally, I fell in love with the two actors and their chemsitry together. I loved them together and thought they looked great, like an actual couple I can see walking down the street in real life.

I'm a Phelle fan at heart, but Philip and Belle are just too pretty as a couple, to be believable. Shawn and Belle, with Madison and Beemer in the roles, were like just natural.
Understandable, Drew... and I'm not saying Belle/Shawn in those incarnations would NEVER have worked. Actually, I saw a spark happen between them after the Phillip affair (which we've all agreed, ad nauseum, did a LOT of good in a LOT of ways). But before that, it just seemed like it was Shawn acting like a dolt and Belle rapping him on the knuckles with a ruler. A lot of that was the writing, but Brandon and Martha fell into that pattern too so even when it wasn't in the writing, it's just how they played it.

Like I said, the Phllip affair, and giving Brandon a reason to look down his nose at Belle for a change, really REALLY helped both characters. It was the first time I actually bought the Shawn/Belle/Philip triangle, in, like, five years. LOL!

But I digress (What else is new?)
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