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Nov 9 2008, 09:53 PM
Yo lady, I totally meant that remark to come off me joking with you. I though I added an emoticon or whatever, clearly I didn't so that's a big whoops. lol Now believe it or not when Mimi was merely a supporting character I loved her, she was one of my favourites. Her and Rex were one of the couples I first called my own that I got to see from the start. But then the abortion happened and Mimi as a character went to hell, IMO.

Now with this mention of Cassie being brought up, I'm just going to continue dreaming that she will return one day. She was so damn awesome and back when she was made Kate's child her and Kyle Brandt seemed to have great chemistry. Anyone remember when he gave her that bunny? Loved the thought of them.

As to Melanie, I think you could say any character on the show is not needed. For me, I go by the belief that everyone is replaceable. Every void can be filled if the writer is talented enough. (The unoriginal all the writers suck point would fit here, but that's just tiring now.)

It's all good, Amello. I think it's PMS or menopause or something. :D
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