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Sami escaped and checked out a nearby convent. She met Sister Teresa and told the nun her name was Colleen.

Oh, you've got to be kidding me. Am I supposed to believe that all nuns know each other? Do they have a secret handshake too? WHY are the reminding us of that bullshit?

Philip being around Melanie and Melanie being around Philip makes me dislike them both. So, that's just peachy.

I've never been so happy to read about a miscarriage. This will be good, and I'm actually not going to fight the "Nicole is now a bona fide crazy bitch" direction this story is taking. At least it's interesting and a change of pace....sort of.

Kate actually gets a party? Like...a real one? I've got to say, that's one thing I desperately miss on this show. Parties, weddings, and all that fun stuff were everyone dresses up and shit actually happens.
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