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Oh, I agree, Ellie. Completely.

However, Days is caught in this awful vicious cycle now, where the numbers go down, and they play John/Marlena, Bo/Hope, Steve/Kayla four or five days a week for a few months (when they can only afford them one day a week each, really).. and then they have no choice but to backburner them for awhile. It wasn't just a Hogan thing or just a Dena thing.

Yes, if the show just went balls out and played them in MAJOR front-burner story that was thrilling and original and unexpected, then sure - fans would return, more money would come in, and the budget will go up. But unfortunately, they just keep going round and round (and have for about three years now), until they just end up being flushed. But it really doesn't matter who the head writer is - there's an accountant in the corner saying "You need to take these characters out of these breakdowns"
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