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Nov 10 2008, 12:04 AM
I'm not sure why anybody thinks this is a head writer thing. It doesn't matter who is writing the show, these vets on this show are ridiculously expensive, especially after Reilly's original pen skyrocketed them so high into the demos. Sure, a few have had to take a pay cut, but not that much. It's why they'll be gone for months - the show's budget just can't support them anymore, but Corday/NBC also know if they cut them loose, they can kiss the whole show goodbye. It's a no-win situation.

The vets can never be used the way they were again, It's just not possible in the current soap climate and Days fans should be lucky because it's basically Days and Y&R who still have a huge chunk of vets still active and in stories. Even if you cut the so called "dead weight" (which is subjective), the budgets are not even close to what they were. It's just not happening. That is why the show can;t do what it did this year. From January-April, it was pretty much nonstop vets and then they used them enough in Spring and Summer that by time they hit August, they looked at the budget and actor guarantees and realizes they had to cut back. The show in 2009 needs to be well-balanced from the start and I think as long as you have stability behind the scenes it can happen because you can map out the whole year and decide when to play each story, character, etc. However, any kind if interference can screw with that. I've known since late August this would happen and I warned people in March it would. It's funny how the cries for balance go quiet when its's nonstop vets and everyone else getting backburnered but when it's the other way around, it's an issue. Everyone deserves their time. Look back at C&B's tenure. They involved EVERYONE. Did everyone have a story" No but everyone was either in one or supporting one and was getting ample airtime. No one character or couple dominated. That model is the one that is needed here.

Now, Days was laying on the "miracle baby" and "Nicole really wants this baby" stuff so I'm not shocked by this. That and the word "heartache" mentioned in relation to her in the promo and her constant pains. I don't like it because I wanted Nicole to finally find some happiness but many wanted her to be old school Nicole so here you go. Ari will rock this though and it looks like Martsolf will be tested right off the bat here. This must be the emotional scenes Ari talked about. It sounds good though and at least the story is continuing to build to something. The one thing Days has been lacking in the last few years is stories that build over time until they reach payoffs. There have been so many dropped stories and regime changes and so on and now I'm so thankful for the current stability because it's allowing stories to build and go somewhere. I wouldn't mind if Nicole goes a Kristen-like route as long as they keep her redeemable. I think Ari herself probably can and I think the reason why Dena tapped into Nicole's softer side so much this year was to help her along in this plot so I think it will be ok. It does burn me that Sami gets to have her kid and Nicole gets screwed...again but oh well. I think the scenario Drew mentioned is plausible and interesting. At least there won;'t be a ripoff of OLTL's current story.

I read the Sami/Rafe stuff and it sounded fine until I read Sami tells the nun her name is "Colleen." Two days ago, I mentioned being frightened as hell when I read "Sami" and "convent" in the same line and now this? It's like Santeen coming back to haunt us LOL. Glad we get more Hilda though.

I wouldn't worry about Philip/Melanie. Again, I think they are going to end up using each other or her using him. That and she is going to cause problems for him and Stephanie. Chelsea/Max...eh. I don't want them but whatever.

Glad Maggie is so involved. The Chelsea/Melanie fight sounds great. Look forward to Kate's party and the Lucas/Chloe/Brady stuff actually intrigues me.
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