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Viewing Single Post From: Higgs: STOP Writing Blake Berris Into A Corner

Nov 10 2008, 12:28 PM
mason, you and i are in complete agreement. this just isn't nick. i'm sorry, but i can't suspend reality enough to believe that a few painkillers is going to make a person fall in love with a stranger, then kill for them while letting innocent people take the fall. that just doesn't compute with me. previews for tomorrow's show have nick basically telling hope to leave it alone since they've already arrested nicole. that isn't nick, and no amount of seeing him pop some painkillers is going to convince me that nick would allow an innocent person to take the fall for his deeds, then revel in the fact that they're going down while he's saved from suspicion.

like the writer said, maybe, MAYBE i could have bought this if chelsea were the girl involved in the mess, not melanie. the fact that he is this nuts over melanie can't be attributed to the painkillers either. people that are addicted to drugs don't act like themselves, it's true, but they do crazy things to feed their habit. for example, an otherwise honest person will lie and steal to get their pills or whatever drug they choose. nick falling in love with melanie so obssesively, which has led to his other crimes, just doesn't make sense in the context of him being addicted to drugs, unless of course, she was the person supplying him with the drugs. we know she isn't, so the idea that the pills are causing him to do these things for melanie is both ridiculous and outrageous.

in short, nick being addicted to pain killers IS NOT EQUAL to nick being obsessed with melanie and killing for her.
That's exactly the same major problem (and I have many) with this story.

Sure, being hopped up on painkillers can make you do some crazy things, but it doesn't change who you are as a person. Maybe Nick, high on drugs, would kill Trent. But he wouldn't let someone else go down for it.
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