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Nov 10 2008, 05:28 PM
I really like Melanie, but this overexposure is getting ridiculous...She doesn't need to be on every single day...Also as much as i love Nicole, the same can be said for her...This show is a hot mess right now..

pretty much. ej and nicole have the same stupid conversation everyday, and reading the spoilers about nicole's future just makes me totally uninterested in her storyline right now.

the nick stuff is completely unbelievable. i'm sure dena is going to try to explain his melanie obsession away with an addiction storyline, and that just won't fly with me. drug addicts are only concerned with scoring more drugs, not winning the girl of their dreams.

sami and rafe and their power struggle is just terrible. i can't believe an entire episode was spent with sami locked in the bathroom and screaming. wrap the shower curtain around yourself and get your dang clothes! sheesh.

bo and hope's scenes were also pointless. for some reason, they concluded that the man nicole saw in the cemetery 'must' be linked to nicole or melanie. yes, i get that this is a lame plot point to lead them to nick, but it doesn't make any sense to me. oh yeah, and now melanie is back at the top of the suspect list when bo told her a couple of weeks ago that she was cleared? whatever.

if it's not totally clear by now, i hated today's show...lol
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