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Angie - I just watched and noticed the same thing. Nick didn't have gloves on when he stabbed Trent...then Trent touched the knife a little bit. WTF!

Luvn - I totally agree. Today's show sucked.

Sami and Rafe were so bad, I couldn't even watch it. A whole show devoted to her stuck in the bathroom? Is this the "hero" part of the preview we got? GG is doing a good job in the acting department, but I just HATE Sami with a passion right now. I am hoping she is regretting the day she pushed for this damn story. Totally sucks!

Bope was a big yawn.
Nick/Melanie was a snoozer too.

EJ/Nicole was interesting. Loved how EJ had a bit of reversion when he told Nicole to kill someone who threatens her. I loved the look in his eyes. Great to see him call her stupid, great to see her call him on his shit. Loved they both brought up their pasts. It is an interesting relationship, but better than EJ/Sami ever had. I don't think EJ and Sami had a decent conversation about who they were and their trust issues.
But yes, I am tired of Nicole in the orange suit and the same conversation behind bars.

I didn't like today's show at all...and I am overly sick of Melanie...who just looked like a 12 year old with the pigtails.
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