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Wow...I think I will just post my thoughts and step out of this thread. Seriously, I could barely read through this thread.

I felt today was much better then Thursday and Friday, which dragged a bit.

I think Galen is doing a great job and I liked his banter with Sami. It's cute, lighthearted, and so needed on this show at this time. It's classic Sami and I just like the whole guy trying to watch the game angle. I thought the dialogue was sharp and witty and it didn't feel like filler. You felt a building of a relationship.

EJ/Nicole was somewhat rehash but was important in that they discussed their relationship and where they should go from here. I loved EJ mentioning how he understood Nicole wanting to kill and how he felt she knew she was pregnant in that moment. I saw the old EJ a bit there and I just loved their scenes. I enjoy them so much together and both were written so very in character today. The writing for EJ has improved alot for me in the last few episodes and the writing for Nicole continues to be one of the strongest points of the show for me. Good acting too and I loved the lighting of the scene.

Bo and Hope were good. I like that we got to see them putting their heads together. This is what Peter Reckell talked about and loved. The fact that the police are working together and piecing things together. It's so realistic and I had to laugh about how Hope was making Bo look bad at times LOL. I loved their flirting and commissioner talk. Classic Bope stuff.

Nick/Melanie was very creepy and I loved the music, feel and tone of the scenes. Molly Burnett and Blake Berris were great and the reveal at the end was very good. They brought out the old SSK music and I like that Nick killed to protect Melanie. You could tell from the way Nick was acting when he killed Trent that more was going on in his head and that he is just a mess right now. The gifts were creepy too and when he took her hand and said he would do anything for her, I got chills. Good ending today.

As I said, if they don't cut down on Melanie after sweeps, then I will be pissed. However, she is part of the major sweeps story and the story is coming to an end. She's only been airing like this for 3 weeks. It's not like last year with Sami, EJ, etc. EJ's been overexposed since day one and never has been backburnered. The vets were on everyday from January-March and no one complained about overexposure then either. I know they are vets but it goes both ways. The balance needs improvement but Melanie is needed right now for this sweeps period so I, personally, can't fault the show for that. Nicole was off a day last week and, again, her story is big in sweeps too. These things ebb and flow. I can understand the frustration but it's not like they are just putting Melanie and Nicole on for no reason. The story is moving every day so they are needed. If it doesn't stop after sweeps, then I will join in the bash parade.

Anyway, good episode today and a solid start to the week.
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