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Nov 10 2008, 10:42 PM
Can I ask a sincere question?

Where did this assumption start about "Corday's precious Shelle"? I know it gets talked about a lot, on a few different message boards - that he wants them together so much he has blinders on, and that's part of the reason why he fired them. But is there any foundation to the rumor? Did we ever get confirmation from any actors that Corday refused to pair either Shawn or Belle with anyone else long term?
He constantly pimped them as the next Bo and Hope. From the moment they both were casted and put onscreen, they were tossed together and were placed on the frontburner. Corday was always going on and on about them in previews and interviews. The media kept proclaiming them the next Bo and hope and Corday even used that same proclamation himself. He called them the future of the show several times and the writing for them until Hogan fell in line with that very same thinking. He always made sure it was known no matter who was writing that they were "destined to be together," just like every other supercouple. You could tell he loved them and it's been Corday's dream for years to create his own supercouples and his own golden era of Days with them. Shelle were to lead that charge. Hell, even when they exited, he made sure they got a Bope exit and even referred to their exit as in line with Bo and Hope.

He doesn't have to actually come out and say it. It's quite obvious by the way it all unfolded that he adored them.
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