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^LOL is it really that hard?

I mean, I know I'm annoying with m optimism (so much so I'm sure people cringe and roll their eyes everytime they read my posts LOL) but there has to be something one enjoys when watching a show because it doesn't make sense to watch it otherwise. I mean, even if the writer is trash and the show is trash, there has to be one thing that is enjoyable to you if your still watching, even if it's an actor's hair LOL.

I guess I'm just weird. I just can't be critical of any of these soaps anymore. I used to be critical of other soaps but I can't be that way anymore for them either. I just want to enjoy them. They aren't what they used to be but nothing is. That doesn't mean I like everything but it makes it easier to just relax and escape for a few hours a day.
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