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I feel like I have much optimism towards Days and today, aside from some EJ/Nicole stuff, was poor.

And PR, I usually appreciate your positive spin, but I totally disagree that Sami and Rafe banter was sharp or witty. Sami was acting like a total child, whining, being obnoxious and totally irritating (singing camp songs while banging a plunger? The "I want my daddy" line?). I thought Rafe did okay aside from the taking her clothes angle. If Sami had any spunk, she would have marched out there with the shower curtain wrapped around her and taken her clothes back. I like cute banter, but this was not it.

And I agree that if a show holds no fun for you, why bother watching it, so I try to enjoy my soaps, but I do realize that some days just aren't as good as other days. I look forward to Nicole out of prison, I look forward to Brady, I look forward to Nick being revealed, etc. So I like my soap, I do feel it is okay to call it crap when I don't like it.
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