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I was sleeping for the first half hour of today's show, so I only caught the second half. It wasn't anything great or to write home about. But I continue to enjoy the show day to day. I don't feel like I'm watching out of committment and then not paying attention like I was for all of spring and summer.

I don't know if it's the writing for the character or Galen Gerring's inability to act away from one character he's played for several years, but I feel that we are watching Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald in Salem and no one else. I don't understand the point of even creating this new Rafe character. DAYS should've just bought the rights to the Luis character and had it that he was transferred to Salem because that's what I'm seeing now. Sami is being protected by Luis.

I can't comment on whether they have chemistry or not because I've only seen one episode with them together, missed the other one, and now, Sami's been stuck in the bathroom for two episodes. So I don't know.

I understand why Sami didn't want to come out of the bathroom though. She doesn't want anyone knowing she's pregnant and with her being in only a towel, Rafe would surely notice. But the way they had her screaming at him and acting like she was an eleven year old girl who is not allowed to go to the mall with her friends and is throwing a temper tantrum inside the bathroom. That's how she came off today. And that's not good.

EJ and Nicole, same scenes, different day.

Okay. I don't get it. Bo and Hope don't have a real story, but they're thrown into everyone's storylines because of their work. Marlena doesn't have a real storyline, but we can't see her at the hospital? Steve and Kayla don't have real storylines, but we can't see them doing their work? i know Steve is going to be getting involved soon, but where have they been? There have been several scenes at the hospital that the writers could've incorporated Kayla and Marlena into scenes. Have Kayla see Chelsea upset when she leaves from a visit with Kate and Kayla comforts her niece. It's not hard, writers!

I can't wait for this murder mystery to wrap up. Making Nick the killer was nothing but shock value and you can tell from the rushed pace this past 2 weeks. All of a sudden, Nick's a creepy psycho. And before anyone comes at me with the claim that Nick's been acting weird for months. Weird, yes. Psychopathic creepy stalker, no.
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