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Nov 10 2008, 11:34 PM
Okay. I don't get it. Bo and Hope don't have a real story, but they're thrown into everyone's storylines because of their work. Marlena doesn't have a real storyline, but we can't see her at the hospital? Steve and Kayla don't have real storylines, but we can't see them doing their work? i know Steve is going to be getting involved soon, but where have they been? There have been several scenes at the hospital that the writers could've incorporated Kayla and Marlena into scenes. Have Kayla see Chelsea upset when she leaves from a visit with Kate and Kayla comforts her daughter. It's not hard, writers!

GREAT point.

I've said for so long now that I hate that Marlena is a psychiatrist yet that angle never gets used. It's always about John or Sami all the time. I feel like it's 2000-2003 Marlena again where her sole purpose to be onscreen is John or her children. Use her as a psychiatrist. Same goes for Kayla and Steve. Sure, they are going to be using them coming up but the misuse of them the past few weeks I don't get at all. Same goes for Tony. They are well under guarantee. Use them like you are Bo and Hope. They did that a bit with Tony last week but do it more. Have Tony be EJ's confidante. That makes more sense then his going to Stefano all the time.

I think it's simple. Dena loves Bo and Hope and even when she has nothing for them, she gives them something. Hell, every writer seems to. That is why I think these two will never be let go. They are the only truly safe cast members IMO. The show seems to love them. Even when they have no story, they get airtime.
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