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Nov 10 2008, 11:40 PM
I still think there is good potential for them. Way more then Tony or Anna right now who though I like really have nothing to do and since Tony isn't Andre, his scenes just make Stefano's scenes more comical.

I believe there is a lot more for Steve and Kayla to do. Some of their potential puts them more in supporting players in a story (such as obstacles to Stephanie/Philip or maybe Steve can be someone to try to help Nick since he knows about overcoming deeds done while not one's self). I also would like Kayla to be featured more in the doctor role.

Honestly I'm afraid at this point all the vets are going to wind up in supporting roles forever. What stories can Bo/Hope, and Jarlena (after they get past Jawn) do that's new for them? We can have investigation of crimes but it's more about the bad guys these days (dimera) and the good guys catching up to them. Steve and Kayla actually could handle a bit more since Kayla can have some stranger pop up from her past or maybe try to explain how Steve was taken from her (God forbid they should get into that).
Oh, I agree. I just think the fact that so many current fans haven't warmed to them makes them more expendable.

There is loads of potential and I agree that it's so much more easier to produce story for Steve and Kayla then Bo and Hope. Actually, I think J&M with John being a clean slate have more avenues now as well.
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