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Nov 10 2008, 11:47 PM
Nov 10 2008, 11:40 PM

I've said for so long now that I hate that Marlena is a psychiatrist yet that angle never gets used. It's always about John or Sami all the time. I feel like it's 2000-2003 Marlena again where her sole purpose to be onscreen is John or her children. Use her as a psychiatrist. Same goes for Kayla and Steve. Sure, they are going to be using them coming up but the misuse of them the past few weeks I don't get at all. Same goes for Tony. They are well under guarantee. Use them like you are Bo and Hope. They did that a bit with Tony last week but do it more. Have Tony be EJ's confidante. That makes more sense then his going to Stefano all the time.
I never understood why Marlena continues to practice when she's not used when you would expect her but then other times you get a WTF moment and Victor's suddenly her patient. I remember being furious when NickNotSteve went to her and asked for help and they wrote her being the most indifferent person IN TOWN who shrugged and said she was too busy to take on new patients. I would have thought having Marlena (who should know better then anyone how important it is to unlock memories and recover one's identity) would be one of the FIRST things they would do when Steve returned.

We also got a random moment of Daniel going to Marlena which was basically asking her for advice (not help). I would think she'd be the first person who could be assigned to take help Nick as well (after all, he was the one who ran tests to let her know her precious John was still alive) plus it would give her something else to do then just worry about John.

And like Drew said, I also felt another potential scene was add another episode of Philip/Stephanie (and you know, get rid of one of the Philip/Melanie scenes) where she is drunk and let Steve catch Philip taking her home. That? Would have been as hilarious as him meeting Jeremy, in fact, probably better because everyone hated Jeremy.
Good points.

I agree about Philip/Stephanie. That would've done alot of good.

I remember that Marlena/Steve scene. That was from Beth Milstein's tenure, which was one of the few times in recent memory Marlena had her own sort of story going on that involved her career. I couldn't believe they had her treat Steve like that, particularly since Marlena was so focused on her career at that point.

I really hate that they dropped the ball on Victor/Marlena. That had so much potential. It would've fit well with the dock wars story in a Soprano's like way.

Daniel/Marlena felt like nothing but I did like the fact that they used Marlena in that way. That is who they should be using her now.
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