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Jul 14 2008, 04:46 PM
Jul 14 2008, 03:58 PM
Jul 13 2008, 11:53 PM
@ the no "hit" couples thing from earlier: It's hard to have a hit couple when they're still shuffling them about and haven't given them anything to run with. Nicole/EJ and Sami/EJ have a lot of chemistry, as do Phillip/Morgan. But none of them are together and are being given any sort of direction. Phillip / Morgan have the whole thing with her father, but no one knows where that's going. Nicole and EJ could have a good hunk of stuff to work with if you take the Trent factor into consideration. They're a much more versatile couple than EJ and Sami. And I figure they could be this show's new Supercouple. And I mean that in a "Hey, these people bring in the ratings" sort of way, but the writing has to be there to back it up.

@ the Marlena picture thing: John removed the picture of Stefano and put the picture of Marlena up there in a failed attempt to impress her. Wasn't he trying to woo her a little bit at the time and he had Stefano's picture replaced with one of her?
Here's my take. The 'hit' factor isn't about ratings. The current viewers were positively buzzing about John and Ava, 'two misfits who fit perfectly together -- it's SO well written, so in character for both of them to be drawn to each other'! And let's not forget, 'Oh, the CHEMISTRY!' and 'She could be the next KRISTEN!'

That's what many viewers saw, and I believe that's what TPTB saw. That's what makes them a 'hit,' if it's true. Not the ratings.
ITA JERSoapsFan! I've LOVED Java from day one and am ticked off that they'll be ending soon but am glad that they make love before Tamara exits the show and am THRILLED that the door has been left open for her return to DAYS. Also, according to Drake, he also gave the impression to the soap opera press that these two weren't supposed to share any more than one scene, and people started telling him that they liked what they saw, and suddenly NEW scripts were sent to his house with Java scenes in them. I believe Drake!
Do you also believe Tamara???She, in her own words, didn't want to work on soaps anymore when shee was on Days, they offered her money too, and now she is on AMC. Sounds like her opinion of Drake is similar to Genie's
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